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February 2, 2017

10 Home Design Trends that Will Define 2017

Finding your dream home can be hard. You could visit 10, 20 or more properties, and each will have features you love, and things that you hate. So when we take a look at home design trends for 2017, a

So when we take a look at home design trends for 2017, a custom build may be the solution.

2017 looks like being a fantastic year for home design, thanks to amazing new products and innovative custom home builders in Toronto.

No longer restrained by factors such as space, height and weight, today's technology allows for incredible designs, that perfectly blend style and function.

So what type of home design trends can you expect to see in a Toronto custom home in 2017?

Home Design Trends Blend Old and New

The main theme seems to be taking traditional design features and modernizing them with the use of colour and texture. This is smart thinking, as it creates a home that is both timeless and strikingly modern.

You could say that, in the past, colour and texture has been under-utilized, but 2017 will see both make a comeback. Yes, that's right, a 'comeback'. For, as with most design trends, the idea isn't new.

The fact that well-known music celebrity Lenny Kravitz has launched his own range of 1970s-inspired furniture is very telling.

Colour and Texture

Colour and texture played a huge part in home design in the 1960s and 70s but, over time, was replaced by clinical looking whites and neutrals. Now we're not saying we want to see the return of flock wallpapers, but . . .

Expect to see much use made of velvet this year. Luxurious to the touch, the texture of velvet makes it ideal for a variety of home design uses, from upholstery and curtains to cushions and throws.

Considered a calming fabric, velvet has been used extensively in Europe, especially in the French Provincial style, and adds a certain air of refinement.

Embrace Colour

Don't be afraid of using colour in 2017. Whether you add simple splashes with fabrics, or go all out with feature walls, colour is an incredible design feature that should be exploited.

The hues we expect to see more of this year include those regal jewel colours, such as royal purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green.

Many designers tend to be afraid of colour - hence the huge number of all-white homes. But used correctly and thoughtfully, colour adds style and panache, and will give your home the 'wow' factor.

Marble is Back

Another case of what comes around, goes around, will be our use of marble in 2017. Marble floors and counter tops were long considered the epitome of good taste and style.

But as technology moved on in leaps and bounds, we saw new look vinyls, stone, and timber become the material of choice for our kitchens and bathrooms.

In 2017, marble will return; not only to our counter tops and floors, but also in our choice of homewares, from vases to serving bowls.

Magnificent Master Suites

Bedrooms are going to get a whole new treatment this year, especially our master suites. Intended to be a private space where mum and dad can escape from the kids, we will see a move towards greater serenity and luxury.

In fact, it's finding the perfect master suite that prompts many people to choose custom home builders in Toronto.

Research tells us that at least 83% of Canadian homeowners choose custom remodeling in order to improve the 'look, feel, flow, and layout' of their homes. 

Ditch the Kitsch

2017 will be the year to ditch the kitsch! Especially quote art. Placing Love, Peace and There's No Place Like Home around your property is out!

We may be welcoming back colour and textiles, but there's no need to clutter up the place with trinkets.

Home Gyms

Definitely 'in' is the custom-built home gym. The more time-hungry we become, the harder it is to make time to visit a gym. The simple solution is to have one at home, so you can work out whenever you wish.

Think of the benefits; no commuting, no queues for equipment, no annual membership fees. And with a custom build, you can incorporate anything you want.

Adding the Wow Factor

Adding a home gym overlaps with another big trend for 2017, and that's achieving the 'wow' factor. Remember, the 'wow' factor doesn't have to cost millions of dollars - it's more to do with great design and amazing materials.

Look around and you'll notice a few Toronto custom homes are really delivering the 'wow' factor recently, giving their owners something to be really proud of.

Thinking Outside The Square

Part of that 'wow' factor is achieved by thinking outside the square - literally! When it comes to tiling, square is so yesterday. Instead think oblong, or even hexagonal. One of the best looks will be created using a monochromatic theme.

Picture your new custom kitchen, with its marble counters of soft grey and white, monochromatic backsplash and . . . your brand new retro fridge. From fridges to food mixers, think 1950s, and think colour.

When your background is grey and white you can easily get away with appliances in red, sky blue and buttermilk yellow.

Bring Back Fun

Home design trends in 2017 will be both stylish and playful. Refined, yet fun. Whether it's retro appliances or a home putting green, your Toronto custom home can be unique and enjoyable. It's a reflection of its owners, and a place to unwind after a hard day.

But don't worry; designing your perfect home doesn't have to break the bank. Canadians love owning their own homes, so it's time to take a closer look at custom builds.

Money can be saved by being clear about your needs, budget, and expectations from Day 1. Making changes halfway through will add money and time to the build.

Do Your Research

Do your research. Take a look at custom home builders in Toronto, and their portfolios. Check out the latest home design trends. Ask questions. Talk budget.

Talk to the Canadian Revenue Agency. There are rebates available for new home builders, especially if you incorporate environmentally-friendly features.

And most of all, work with your builder. Be flexible. Listen to advice. Certainly it is your house and your money, but they are the professionals. They can suggest ways of creating the look you want for less.

Feeling inspired? Then take that first step towards the home of your dreams!

Article written by:
David Le Prevost