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December 1, 2016

7 Custom Home Bars That Will Bring the Party Home

What’s better than a fun party with all your friends and the people you love? A home party at your place with all your loved ones!

However, this is not an easy task. You have the drinks, the snacks, the music, but, in order to take things to the next level, you need something more special. Custom home bars can give that extra “WOW factor” your home party needs.

Why Are Custom Home Bars Important?

Someone could say that a home bar might seem pretentious. Well, most likely, that someone does not appreciate spirits that much. In any case, a proper home bar is a must-have for any grown-up home.

So, before we jump in the seven most popular styles for custom home bars, let’s just take a look at five reasons why your personal space needs an area where you can exercise to be the next Tom Cruise. (Seriously? Haven't you seen “Cocktail” yet?)

  • A home bar is a place of gathering.
  • Your place will instantly look (and feel) much more luxurious. (Yes, like a dream house.)
  • You will start a new hobby. In case you didn’t know, mixology is a pretty sophisticated pastime.
  • It will be super fun. There are dozens of bar games to play with friends!
  • Custom home bars are one more personal area. Think of the decorating possibilities! 

Now that you know why you need a custom home bar, let’s check out seven styles that will bring the party home.

The Luxurious Home Bar

When you hear about home bars, most likely your mind instantly creates one image: A dark, marbled countertop, leather stools, and a dark wooden back wall.

Truth is, this is not the only way you home bar has to be. But if you want it to give a feeling of hotel luxury, this is how you should consider building it.

Find the strongest, thickest black marble for your countertop and combine it with a black wooden base. For the back of your bar use some dark gray wood and maybe hang a plasma TV to give an extra contemporary note. 

Of course, leather stools either in black or white color would feel like the perfect match.

There you go! You have your own hotel lobby right inside your home. Happy drinking!

The Traditional Home Bar

A home bar's design is a matter of personal taste and it usually has to go well with your existing furniture. However, a traditional home bar suits almost anybody's needs.

Just begin with a curved piece of wood for your bar’s cabinet. Continue with a wooden counter top, all in dark brown color, and accessorize it with some slightly darker stools. Add some metal lights above the countertop and cover the wall behind your bar in bricks.

This will create a cozy home bar which is a perfect solution for big spaces that need some extra warmth. 

The Minimal Home Bar

You don’t need much – after all, it is called "minimal" for a reason. Play with glass. Use a clear crystal countertop and a white wooden base without any curvings or any other busy elements. Paint your room’s walls white and don’t use much bar decoration apart from your own glasses.

Of course, the stools should follow the minimalistic rules as well. Just find the ones which have no complicated lines. You might want to use gray industrial colors and give your new home bar that contemporary character minimal design is all about.

The Modern Home Bar

Okay. This is not that different from the minimal bar mentioned above. However, there are some key elements.

Modern home bars are all about design. Use white marble for your countertop and white polished wood for your base cabinet. Think about using glass shelves  and an unstudied piece of furniture for the back wall and decorate with unique designer bottles and glasses.

As for your stools, a safe way is to play with contrasts. Get three or four white, metal stools and put a bright yellow one at the end of the row. Yellow always feels modern. Randomness, too.

The Folklore Home Bar

Who said home bars should have the common design with stools and the place where the barman goes? Also, who said that bars should be placed in the middle of a room like a kitchen island? You know what? Sometimes, a simple counter can work as good as a fancy, big custom home bar.

Cabinets, a plain countertop with some bottles of liquor on it, and wooden wine bottle holder on the wall can be a great home bar. All in light, bleached brown with white, fine scratches, this home bar is a convenient solution both for small places and for non-alcohol lovers.

The Victorian Home Bar

Who said that the past belongs to the past? Okay, it does, but when it comes to design, things can take another turn. A blast-from-the-past bar is all you need if you need to drink a scotch after a hard day at work.

Just play with wood. A lot of wood. All dark, all polished, all old fashioned.

You don’t need something too big or too heavy, but details will make your home bar look like it came right out of a movie about dark, secret sororities. Use mirrors and sophisticated cabinets for your bar’s back furniture and use moldings, gravures, and carved busts to decorate your bar’s back wall.

For the countertop, you must use the same wood color to feel like you haven't used some modern technique, but look delicate at the same time.

As for the stools? Of course, you want to work with brown leather. Old time classic!

The “Face” Bar

We know what you're thinking: "What the heck is a face bar?"

Well, long story short, this is the kind of home bar that is not exactly in the main living space of your home, but near the front door – wherever that is!

For this kind of bar you want to work with a professional who can guide you through the style your home bar needs to have to match the rest of your home's design. Usually, this type of custom home bar is the most difficult to develop, simply because it's the first thing someone who enters your house notices.

Play with what you already got. If your living room is minimal, make sure you make your “face” home bar minimal. If it is classic, make it classic. Just think of it, as the first and the last impression people who will come over to your place will have. What do you it want to be?

A custom home bar will definitely make your space stand out. Contact us to talk about your project and we will help you create the best.

Article written by:
David Le Prevost