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February 2, 2017

7 Simple Ways to Get Creative With Your Home Decor

Your new home should reflect all of your likes, interests, passions, etc. Incorporate anything that represents yourself and your family into your building project.

It's not every day that someone gets to build a custom home, so get creative! Spend time with your builder planning everything down to the last detail.

If you're not tired of home design by the time you're done planning, you haven't been putting enough effort in.

We jest, but in actuality, we frequently see people that "give up", so to speak, after their custom home is built.

They're simple out of energy to think anymore about home decor.

It's unfortunate, and why we always recommend a healthy balance of micromanaging and relaxation during your new construction project.

A completed home means you're only half way done. You still have to decorate enough that four blank walls won't drive you insane.

To help get you thinking about your decoration process, we're bringing you our seven best creative home decor tips.

Creative Home Decor Tip #1: DIY Furniture

Do it yourself furniture adds an interesting flair to your home, and certainly makes it unique. There is no better way to customize your new home.

Anything you can imagine is possible with your own two hands. No one in the entire world will have the same furniture pieces as you.

Small items are the best place to start you DIY adventure, with coffee tables and end tables making the perfect introductory projects.

We might even have left over lumber from your custom home project that you could turn into the bottom of your table.

Other good starter ideas are cabinets, patio furniture, or bookshelves. The more adventures could even try their hand at building a custom headboard.

#2: Knick Knack Plants

We're sure you know at least someone who keeps plants in their home. It's pretty common, especially so up north where winter comes early and often.

Put a new twist on indoor gardening and plant your leafy friends in unique pots. When we say unique, don't just buy something from the hardware store; this is creative home decor!

Try your hand at planting in whatever leftover items you have lying around the house.

Old footwear works well with a laid back, rustic vibe. Planting in books gives off a hip, but sophisticated aura.

Sometimes what works best is visiting a local thrift shop and browsing what's on sale. You won't always know what you need until you find it.

#3: Decorative Globes

You might think of globes as something your grandparents had, but the spherical world maps actually look great among modern creative home decor.

Globes are especially good decorations if you have young children. We recall fondly looking at the vast world during our childhood. 

What we didn't realize, is that we were learning along the way! And isn't it better to stare at a globe rather than a television?

For more ideas, check out this great collection of unique ways to incorportate globes into your new home.

#4: Corkboard Fridge

Most people use their fridge as a communal space to post notifications, pictures, and anything else they want to display to their family and friends.

Fridge notifications work great, but sometimes lead to a cluttered mess of magnets and old sticky notes.

We suggest taking your fridge to the next level by covering it with corkboard.

This unique home idea looks clean, while still offering the same functionality as your magnetic fridge face.

The brown of the cork highlights anything posted on the fridge and makes it easy to hang anything you desire with only a pin. No more dropping magnets.

#5: Chalkboard Paint Wall

This idea is very similar to the corkboard fridge, however, it applies to any wall in your home!

Chalkboard paint is easily accessible at any hardware store, and does just what its name implies. Any wall can become your canvas with a quick coat of paint.

Children's bedrooms are the prime example of chalkboard paint's best application.

Your child can draw all over their new walls (they probably would have anyway) without causing any damage.

Even adults can get in on the fun with a small section of chalkboard painted wall. Entryways are a great place to display some chalk art for lucky visitors.

#6: Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture likely won't be DIY, but that doesn't matter. It's functionality rather than uniqueness that we're aiming for with this category.

"Pirate" chests make excellent end tables, while many ottomans also open up and reveal hidden compartments.

If you have pets you're in for a real treat. There are tons of options for tables with space hollowed out underneath for your dog or cat.

Some of our favorite "pet-friendly" furniture are chests of drawers with conspicuous openings that allow your cat to jump inside and relax.

#7: Unique Hangings

Everyone has pictures hanging around their home. And sure, it's possible to buy unique artwork.

Though what we're aiming for is turning relatively mundane artwork into something even more creative.

You can accomplish this by hanging your art from something other than a traditional picture frame mount.

Clothes hangers, chains, fishing string, twine, and really any other object or material that can support weight will work.

This creative home decor idea is great because of how versatile your options are.

If you're going for rustic, use twine. Modern more your thing? Fishing line is nearly invisible and creates clean sight lines.

If you're into a quirky home you can't do much better than hand painted clothes hangers.

Getting creative with your home decor is all about casting your personality onto your new custom home. There's nothing quite like creating something from nothing that's 100 percent your vision.

Oh, and remember, don't waste all your energy agonizing about home design! Your inside decor will thank us later.

If you're in the market for a custom home builder in the Toronto area, get in contact with us.

Our team is experienced in high-end home building and has an excellent portfolio we would love to walk you through.

What are you doing still reading? Your new custom home awaits!

Article written by:
David Le Prevost