Written on
December 1, 2016

9 Toronto Custom Home Splurges that Say "Wow"

We know that building a house can be expensive. But, come on! It’s your home we are talking about. Also, if you live in Toronto and it’s your Toronto custom home we are talking about, that's great because we can help. 

Building your very first house is an important milestone. It’s the place that you have decided you want to spend your life in. Thus, investing some extra money should not intimidate you. You have an obligation: To build the custom home of your dreams.

Why create a Toronto custom home when you can build a Toronto custom dream home? 

We're sharing nine splurges that are worth the money and will make your home stand out. 

An Amazing Front Door

Sure. Location matters when it comes to your new house. A nice neighborhood feels like a nice extension of your home. But what is the first thing your visitors see when they come over? Your front door, of course!

Spend some extra money on a front door with personality, and don't pick a thin, cheap-looking one that will make your house look old or inexpensive.

One cool way is to play with contrasts -- there is a reason why designers love them. If your house is painted in a light color, get a darker, curved door. If the exterior walls are dark, get a bright or even colorful front door.

Just play with it and employ your personal taste to create a Toronto custom home that not only Torontonians will talk about.

Electrical Outlets Are Never Enough

We know this one sounds too technical for a fun blog post like this, but it is important. Electrical outlets are never enough!

We live in an era which requires us to spend most of our days charging. Phones, laptops, iPods. Let alone lamps, appliances, televisions etc. We always need an electrical outlet and your house should have at least four of them per room. Ok, your kitchen might need some more.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can even have additional outlets that include USB ports. They will make your life much, much easier!

Higher Ceilings

Greeks have a really interesting word about humans: They call them “anthropos” which comes from “ano throsko” and means “I look up.” It is in our nature to look up either while searching for a god to believe in or gazing at the sky.

However, apart from all the poetic references, ceilings are important. We all love big spaces and a high ceiling will make your house feel bigger. Also, increasing your home's third dimension will allow more light to come in and give you that supreme feeling every homeowner looks for.

Bathrooms are Important

There are people who judge a home’s overall image just by looking at its bathroom. A bathroom does not just depict its owner's cleaning habits but it is everybody's number one personal space as well.

Prefer a spacious walk-in shower and a shower cabinet with many settings (from steam to sauna). Add heated floors, a towel warmer, and a huge mirror over the sink.

Pro Tip: You can use hotel bathrooms as inspiration!

More Kitchen Cabinets

Your living room might be your home’s soul but its heart belongs to your kitchen. It’s true! If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be that “The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” saying.

People spend a lot of time in their kitchens. And just like every other place you spend much time in, kitchens need extra storage space. More cabinets will not only help you store your stuff but they will also create an illusion to make your kitchen look bigger!

Huge plus: A kitchen island with large drawers can be both handy and a smart trick to give that extra “expensive” look for your home’s heart.

More (and Larger) Windows

Now that we are talking about big spaces and the tricks to make your Toronto custom home feel larger, let’s see another common method. Big windows!

Goethe once wrote: “More light! More light!” praising the importance of sunlight and its effect on a person's psychology. Let the sunshine in with larger and extra windows that will make your home more inviting and friendly.

Use any view you have and don't be concerned about your privacy. There are many options you can choose from! From smart and mirrored glass to amazing curtains that will dress up your whole place.

A Toronto Custom Home Needs a Fireplace!

A fireplace is not only there to make you feel warm -- even though it should since Toronto is not like California.

It is also there to make your house look better and create that homey atmosphere every homeowner needs. We know you knew that but don’t believe that a fireplace is a good idea only for your living room or the place where you and your friends come together.

Spend some extra money and build a cozy fireplace in your bedroom as well. This will make you want to spend more time in one of the most important rooms of your custom home. We spend half of our lives sleeping. It'd better be in a room we love.

Extra Bedrooms

You know what? You really need an extra bedroom or two. Either it is for a future child or to accommodate a houseguest, an extra bedroom is always there for many purposes.

Also, the truth is that you don’t have to think of a bedroom as a bedroom per se. You can easily modify it and redecorate it to use it as a home-office, a sophisticated man (or woman) cave, or even a library. Think of an extra bedroom as an extra room full of endless possibilities!

Expand Your Home With a Great Garden

A home does not stop where your walls do. A home is a composed of your indoor and your outdoor living space. A pool, a garden bar, or a barbecue set up will definitely make your house stand out -- plus, your friends will love it.

However, if you still feel like you want to stay on a budget, you may want to think about a back deck. Make the most out of your summer without even leaving your home!

Whatever you have in mind, we are here to help! Make sure you contact us to work on your new project idea and create a custom home that matches your needs, your taste, and your life!

Article written by:
David Le Prevost