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January 5, 2017

Custom Home Gym Ideas Perfect for at-Home Workouts

It's true that people get intimidated by going out to a big gym. 

It's also true that leaving your house to get a workout in means you'll be spending extra time in your day and that you'll have to compete with other people for the equipment you need.

The solution to this annoying problem is simple: build your own custom home gym and improve your health from the comfort of your own home. 

Structure Design Build is here to help you make your custom home gym a reality and we love keeping our blog full of great information to help you become a pro at planning your custom projects. 

Planning how your custom home gym is going to be set up means that you'll need to know exactly what equipment you need and what your fitness goals are.

It can be tricky, but that's why we've put together this guide of custom home gym ideas that are perfect for at-home workouts. 

Why you'll want to invest in a custom home gym

If you have a home gym, there are a few things that you'll immediately notice that will make you think "this was totally worth it."

Some of our favourite perks are that you will no longer have to spend time commuting back and forth to the gym. In the winter, you'll be especially thankful since you can keep up with your fitness routine and avoid navigating the cold and snow. 

In the winter, you'll be especially thankful since you can keep up with your fitness routine and avoid navigating the cold and snow. 

When people have gym memberships, travel and finding time are easily the biggest reasons they keep paying for something they almost never use.

With a custom home gym, you can enjoy the freedom to make fitness something you do in your spare time as a part of your new lifestyle.

And all that's not even mentioning the fact that regular gyms come with machine hoggers and people intimidating or distracting you. Avoiding all that is a huge benefit on its own. 

Workouts perfect for your custom home gym

Once you've got your own custom home gym, it's your time to tear it up and work on your fitness the way you want.

Before that, though, you'll have to figure out what you'll want to do to make that perfect at-home gym. Here are our top ideas for making that custom home gym fit all of your needs. 

Get windows

When you are customizing your at-home gym, one thing that we always recommend is to make sure that area includes a window or two.

Why? Because you'll want your new workout space to have plenty of natural light to motivate you to go there more often. You'll also be able to open a window when the weather is nice and cool.

Plus, all of those workout smells can make their way out to keep the room from becoming musky.  

Add in a television and speaker system for entertainment

You may have noticed that most gyms have TVs and other entertainment systems built into them.

In most cases, TVs and stereo systems are working simultaneously to entertain people with a show and upbeat songs. 

Make sure you make your custom home gym a space you'll want to be in and feel motivated to work out hard while you're in there. Music has been proved to help people get better workouts in so don't overlook this idea! 

Include mirrors to check your form

Mirrors serve a few functions: they reflect more light into the room and make the space seem bigger. But they also give you a focal point to look at and check your form. 

Keeping the right form is important to make sure you don't injure yourself.

By being able to look at your form, you'll be working out the muscles you're targeting and protecting spots like your back and knees from being injured or moved out of place. 

Give yourself a yoga and recovery space

When most people build an at-home gym, they're usually thinking about racks of weights and different machines that will help you gain strength through weight lifting.

But a custom at-home gym should also include a yoga and recovery corner.

Even guys who are completely focused on building muscle and a masculine physique will benefit from stretching, relaxing, and having the space to foam roll sore muscles.

Don't forget to keep things fun (battle ropes)

At-home gyms absolutely should include machinery and weights that you should rely on during your workouts.

But you'll want to build some fun into your custom home gym to keep things interesting.

Some people turn one of their walls into TRX stations or rock climbing faces. 

These additions can allow you to work on your stabilizing muscles as well since many weighted exercises focus on single movement muscle building. 

You could also test out new workout techniques, like the TRX, to see if you'd like to incorporate more of that into your daily routine. 

Others like to include things like battle ropes to their home gym so that they can get a full body workout while having fun without using weighted machines. 

Multi-use benches

When you're building your custom at-home gym, the name of the game is getting things that are multi-use.

This means finding benches that can work for all of your workouts and weight systems that can transition to the different targeted workouts you'll be doing.

Even systems that allow you to run or sprint, like a hybrid treadmill and elliptical, should be something that you consider to add in. 

And if you want more information about how you can further customize your space and make your vision come to life, please just ask us

We love working with people to create their perfect custom home gym so that they can improve their health from the privacy of their own home. 

Our experience of helping people in Toronto create their perfect homes and spaces speaks for itself. 

Article written by:
David Le Prevost