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December 1, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Flooring Types for Your Toronto Custom Home

In a new house, your flooring is a statement about you.

It's not just something to step on. If that were the case, we would all just have concrete floors with a drain in the middle. (That would make everything easier to clean. And it would be cheaper.)

But when building a Toronto custom home, you're looking to make the place yours. Your style, your brand. And home can't be complete without beautiful flooring.

If you're looking for great and stylish flooring, look no farther than out complete and ultimate guide. Structure Design Build has all the flooring solutions you're looking for. Just keep on reading to find out.

1. Classic Wood

You will never go wrong with wood flooring in your Toronto custom home. It's a classic choice and it complements basically every style under the sun. It gleams when it's taken care of. Your guests will marvel at its gloss.

It's perfect for open floor plans. It creates a continuity throughout every space. 

Your optimal widths (and mostly what you're going to find on the market) are 1.5-2.5 inch wide planks or 4-8 inch wide planks. 

Your basic woods include black walnut, maple, and oak. Sometimes you can find a regional variety. Pecan, chinquapin, or mesquite. 

If you have a little bit of extra cash to spend on hardwoods, there is always the exotic look. Import some Brazilian cherry or some African pedauk to give your kitchen that specific grain you like. 

Plus, new technology allows your floors to be tough and scratchproof. You won't have to worry about your place eventually looking like an old warehouse.

2. Vinyl

You can't play this on your record player, but it's pretty resilient none the less. Vinyl is particularly flexible which makes it great for those pesky corners. 

And if you get good vinyl, you won't have to worry too much about maintenance. 

It comes in three different modes. Sheet, tile, and plank.

This kind of flooring has a wear layer. This means it will not stain or scratch as easily as other flooring solutions. And many companies that produce vinyl will give you a fifteen-year warranty. 

What many people don't know about vinyl is that it has a layer of felt. It also has a layer of foam. It's not flubber, but it's still softer and safer than your concrete floors. 

Lately, some companies make vinyl that looks like stone. It can come textured for added effect. 

3. Cork It

Cork doesn't just belong in bottles and on pinboards. It's an extremely versatile material. It is so versatile that it was even used on the U.S. Space Shuttle craft

Cork is a tree bark. And the way it is harvested guarantees the tree survives the harvest to produce more. Its environmental impact is traditionally very low. So, if you're at all environmentally conscious, you might want to consider cork for your floors.

The only upkeep is an occasional reseal every few year. This will keep it from staining and rotting. 

4. Totally Stoned

Stone may be a bit above some people's budget, but once you have it installed, you won't regret the extra money you spent.

Stone has this incredible ability to resist moisture. Probably why it was used in building so many things for so many years. Go check out those pyramids, man. Your mummy was totally kept dry there. 

One of the reasons you normally see textured stone in most homes is due to friction. If you were to polish the stone, it would become slippery when wet. This could be a liability for you and your guests. So make sure that (especially in kitchens or bathrooms) you choose a textured stone.

5. Plush

Carpeting. It's both loved and hated among home buyers. If you have pets, you may absolutely hate this flooring medium. The ability of pet hair to dig its way deep makes most carpet owners cringe.

And yet, this affordable medium might be perfect for your Toronto custom home.

You're probably not going for that 70's shag. Unless, you're trying to recreate the seventies. In that case, we'll just get you in contact with Emmett Brown.  

If you do choose carpeting, make sure you add cushioning with a carpet pad. Especially with indoor-only material.

6. Ceramic Tile

This is where true customization comes in. Ceramic tile is almost infinitely customizable. Patterns, colors, textures, it's all there. 

It can either set you back a dollar or set you back a thousand dollars per tile. It really depends on your budget and your preferences. It may be a bit pricey to install, but you will find that it's the classic choice.

7. Linoleum

It's a word that's actually fun to say. Linoleum. Say it ten times fast, then slowly say it. Let it roll off your tongue like a grape. 

It's typically made from biodegradable material. Things like linseed oil and cork are the typical ingredients. 

Installation is pretty easy. Just peel and stick for the cheapest kind. The better linoleum requires glue. 

8. A-Rick-A-Bamboo

You probably don't want this flooring if you own panda bears. You might find your flooring gone in a few days. 

But despite the panda problem, bamboo flooring is pretty popular. Most people must just have well-trained pandas. 

Bamboo flooring is made from bamboo strands that were glued together and compressed. This forms wood-like planks for your floor. It's quite comparable in both price and consistency to wood.

9. Laminate

This flooring is backed by layers of plywood or compressed fiber. Most often, it's used to make your floors look like they're made of wood. 

This is a great alternative if you can't afford wooden floors. You can even simulate stone and tile with laminate flooring. 

You can get laminate in both tile and plank formats. It's a very popular way to floor your Toronto custom home.

10. Engineered Wood

This is like your veneer coffee table. Except it's your flooring. Just like that coffee table, engineered wood has a layer of real wood. It's a much more stable option for your floors than real wood. It's not as susceptible to environmental changes. 

If you've opted for an in-floor heating system, you might want to consider this flooring solution.

Which Floor for Your Toronto Custom Home?

Your Toronto custom home deserves the best flooring and attention to detail. You're going to be proud of your choices when you take the time to carefully choose your flooring solution.

If you have any questions about custom build homes, feel free to contact us

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David Le Prevost