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October 19, 2016

6 Beautiful Built-in Custom Home Design Ideas That Make Your Life Easier

You'll never build or remodel your custom home without thinking about built-ins. 

More storage is the usual star of the show. We want you to be creative and reach into your inventive bag of tricks. So whether it's a reading nook, built in bed drawers, or a space saver, we can complete it for you. 

We know you're thinking about getting that new sectional - maybe a piano will complete the living room. Let the ideas and fantasies run wild. The chance to design your own built-ins doesn't come around often. Think about the possibilities and become the creator of your own world - literally. 

There's also the scenario where you're just looking to add one thing to make your life easier. 

Before you dive in, remember to consider the process of building your dream home in Toronto. Everything won't always go smoothly, but you can make it better by preparing for any situation.

Now, you're pondering all the ways to enhance your custom home. You have a budget, timeline, and new trim to go with the bookshelves in that home office. Reach up and grab your favorite ideas and see if they match up with our list of built-ins to make your life easier.

6. Bookshelves - Not Just For Books Anymore

Just because it's cliche doesn't mean it has to be boring. 

In your bedroom, living room, or home office, maximize the space and display more than just books. Trophies, pictures, and other mementos will provide a perfect backdrop for the room. 

They don't have to be your standard shelves - infuse a personal design or insignia a contractor can put behind the shelves or on the border. 

If you have an entire wall as a shelf, place a rolling ladder to make it look cool (and so the shorter people can reach the top).

5. Cabinets, Cabinets, Cabinets!

Is there a room that doesn't need more cabinet space?

Built-in cabinet space gives your family more room in the kitchen to grab something before heading off for a busy day. More cabinets in the bathroom mean less chance of you being stuck in the shower without a towel.

Like shoes and jewelry, there are thousands of different types of cabinets. Your preferences can be met and no idea is too crazy - well maybe it can be. Glass cabinets are functional storage units and great decorative pieces.

Built-in cabinets, shelves, and other ideas can also add value to your home.

4. Reading (Sleeping) Nook

It's too easy to curl up on the couch with a nap in mind only to ruin it all by turning on the television. Now, your afternoon is wasted watching awful programming. 

Take after the typical house cat - a reading nook lets you sunbathe inside surrounded by pillows. Even better, when the rain gently taps on the window it's your chance to fall asleep reading your favorite book.

Another bonus function is making the nook a storage chest. Cleaning can be a mad dash so open up the chest and toss in everything but the kitchen sink. 

3. Under And Over The Stairs

Depending on the location and size of your staircases, you could have a gold mine of built-ins on your hands. 

We've all gone up staircases with goofy awkward family pictures on the walls. And we all bumped into those pictures with our shoulders. Wouldn't it be great if there were built-in cubbies on the sides of staircases?

Think of the cubbies as mini-shelves. You don't have to put pictures there either. 

A lot of old Victorian homes have closets or bonus rooms underneath the staircases. Your house can add an extra bathroom or coat room for guests. If the staircase is big enough, there are endless possibilities.

2. From Desk 'Til Dawn

Built-in desks solve the old age problem of assembling a store-bought desk. Don't waste time or space; in fact, a built-in desk can be fitted anywhere and still serve a purpose.

These built-ins aren't going to replace your large cherry wood desk, but they offer an extra place for someone to do work, apply makeup, pay bills, or store odds and ends like our fathers used do.

Even if you don't use the built-in a lot, it can finish a room's decor leaving a lasting impression on anyone who visits your custom home.

1. The Most Convenient Drawers

Beds are great for sleeping and... eliminating dressers. 

No more trying to awkwardly carry dressers up and down stairs and into bedrooms. Now, you can store your clothes under your bed in pull out drawers. Save your closet for your formal clothes and shoe collection. 

Instead of having a dresser taking up real estate in the bedroom, place an exercise bike or a comfortable sitting chair and coffee table.

What's Next With Your Custom Home

We know we can't list all the ideas. You have concepts pouring out of your creative boxes. Between practicality and personality, this is an opportunity to make your house a home. 


You're struggling to find inspiration for your custom home. There's too much going on to figure all this out on your own - hand the tough parts over to the leaders of the Toronto area in constructing the very best custom homes.

We don't want you to try and tackle all these tasks and built-ins on your own. Whether it's a remodel or building your house from the bottom up, pick trusted professionals. 

Picking The Best

The list of built-ins is made, your house is prepped for construction (or demolition), and you're searching for the best company in Toronto to make your dreams come true.

Structure Design Build has a proven track record and a growing list of clients who want quality and care in their projects. 

Do you want custom home builder performing heart surgery on you? No. So we assume you don't want a heart surgeon in charge of your new built-in desk. It's not heart surgery, but it's not easy. Structure Design Build will make this an easier step in your life.

The next time you get the idea to put built-in shelves, dressers, nooks, and the like in your house, contact us and we can go over your options and needs

Article written by:
David Le Prevost