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October 19, 2016

First Impressions Count! 9 Foyer Ideas that Make an Entrance

Are you looking to wow your guests the moment they walk in your house?

The entrance is your home's first impression, and you want to deliver right away. One of the many advantages of a Toronto custom home is having the flexibility to design the exact foyer that you want. At Structure Design Build, we will build your foyer with top quality and design to meet your expectations.

Your foyer is just the beginning to sharing your personality in your home. We'll help you find the right flooring material, paint palettes and storage for your common foyer items.

9 Foyer Ideas for Your Toronto Custom Home

If you're stumped for ideas for your foyer, here are nine foyer ideas that make an entrance:

1. Tile flooring

Tile flooring can bring personality even to a small entrance space. Tile, especially slate or marble, provides longevity and elegance to a foyer. A unique pattern of tiling can create the illusion of an area rug and give definition to your foyer.

Consider marble tile for a timeless, elegant Victorian style. A glazed porcelain tile, a material that looks like marble but has the versatile qualities of porcelain, looks gorgeous in an entryway. With unique patterns, this type of flooring will make a great first impression.

Natural slate stone is also a strong choice for your flooring. A flagstone pattern adds a rustic tone to your entryway. 

For a realistic, timeless look, consider a wood-look tile that comes in a variety of different colors and grains. A tile with the glow of real wood creates a natural, inviting look.

If you're going for a classic look, consider going with travertine. This traditional, yet, trendy material has a variety of options for patterns, such as a diamond, asymmetrical or modular pattern.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

The first thing you do when you walk in the door? Take off your shoes, put down your purse or wallet, throw your keys somewhere. The foyer can get cluttered quickly with everything you bring in. 

You don't want your foyer to constantly be a mess. That is bound to give the impression to your guests that the rest of the house is just as sloppy. 

The solution? Look for a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Maybe you find a table with a shelf at the bottom for your shoes, drawers for keys (or a basket that you set on the table) with a mirror extending above it with hooks for your coat. 

It might be hard to find something that serves all of those purposes but look around for compact furniture that makes it easy to keep your foyer organized.

3. Good lighting

To make a good first impression, create an uplifting mood with good lighting in your foyer. If guests walk into a dim-lit entry way, that can easily give off the wrong tone for your house. 

Lighting is one way you can personalize your foyer. Get creative with a unique type of lamp or shaped light fixture. Your guests will appreciate walking into good light and, with creative lighting, you have a good conversation starter.

By customizing your foyer, you also have the ability to incorporate windows into the front area of your home. One or two windows can provide natural lighting on those sunny days that makes for an even warmer invitation to your home.

4. Color

You can set your foyer apart from the rest of your Toronto custom home by choosing the right color. Choose a rich, welcoming hue to invite your guests in.

A deep red or purple is a fun color for your foyer if the rest of your rooms are more neutral. Also, a chocolate color adds excitement to the opening room. It may even remind your guests of something sweet. 

Another option is to paint the walls a neutral tone, but give your foyer a splash of color by painting the door a vibrant red. 

5. Decorative door

A decorative, custom door can be all the art you need for your entry way. Keep the rest of the foyer in subtle tones and let the elegant door speak for itself.

Glass doors make a good option too if you have a good view outside of your home.

6. Wall art

A custom wall covering or large piece of wall art is a simple way to add creativity and personality to the foyer in your Toronto custom home. If you have neutral-toned walls, get creative and fun with your wall art. Make it bright and colorful, or modern and elegant.

7. Chair or bench 

If you have room by a staircase, place a comfy chair in the little nook between the staircase and the front door. Nothing is more welcoming than a big chair inviting someone to sit down and relax.

This will also be nice for when you are waiting for a ride. You can be ready by the door without pacing around.

A bench is another good option for seating. You can likely find a multi-purpose bench that has storage space or an area underneath to put your shoes.

8. Flowers or a plant

Place a vase of fresh flowers on an accent table in your foyer. Not only will your guests first see a bright splash of beautiful color, but they'll also get the delicious floral scent when they first walk into your home.

To really make a lasting first impression, put a small tree in your entryway. You'll need a small rectangle of space. Fill it with soil and top it off with small pebbles.

Get a tree small enough to fit there but big enough to stand out.

9. Photo collage

Make your guests comfortable by letting your family photos welcome them in. There are tons of ways to display photos, whether on your foyer walls or on accent tables. If you don't want to buy wall art, a photo collage is an inexpensive, yet genuine alternative to decorate your foyer with.

The ideas for an impressionable foyer are endless when you choose to customize your home. Contact us and tell us about your ideas, or visit us at our showroom. We'll help you build the Toronto custom home of your dreams.

Article written by:
David Le Prevost