Meet the Builders


Frano Sain

Frano Sain has been involved in high-end renovations and luxury custom home building in the greater Toronto Area for the past 8 years. He adds not just expertise to the name of Structure Design Build but is also key to ensuring our work remains innovative and up to the latest luxury home trends. Frano’s contribution to Structure Design Build exceeds far beyond the rank of being a home builder or co-founder – he makes up the essence of Structure Design Build.

David Le Prevost

David Le Prevost has been building custom homes across the GTA for the past 10 years. His specialty of work is his integrity and transparency that makes all his clients exceptionally satisfied with not just his work but also their experience with him. His remarkable way of dealing with customers and tending to their needs allows Structure Design Build to create homes that are truly up to the expectations of our clients.